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Highlights of China and Yangtze Cruise

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Highlights of China and the Yangtze

Carol, from the Newmarket Holidays Reservations team, recently returned from our Highlights of China and Yangtze Cruise escorted tour and was keen to share some of her personal highlights with us.

One of Newmarket’s longest serving team members, Carol has travelled extensively both for work and pleasure. When asked exactly how many years she had worked for Newmarket Holidays, she said “Let’s just say it’s more than 20 years and leave it at that, shall we?” Going on to tell us she “really enjoys holidays that offer the opportunity to explore new places, but also allow her to have some time to relax.”

We’ll let Carol take it from here:

What a trip; two rail journeys, a cruise and hundreds of incredible sights all packed into 16 days!

Our tour guide Peter was excellent. He arranged for porterage of our bags on all the flights, as well as the train journeys. He translated the menus so we had an idea of what we were eating and generally made the trip enjoyable for everyone. The trip covers so many cities and aspects of Chinese life, from Shanghai, which is very commercial and much like New York in some respects, to more rural areas. The giant pandas in Chengdu were a real highlight for me – there are currently 60 at the centre and they even have cubs for visitors to coo over.

The UNESCO-listed Terracotta Warriors are a must-see. The first of the 8,000+ statues were only discovered in the 1970s by four farmers who were digging a well. Located just a mile from the tomb of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, it is believed that there are more treasures still buried and further pits are due to open to the public in the next year. We also visited the largest preserved section of the world famous Great Wall, which was not only breath-taking to see but also provided an ideal platform from with to view the incredible surrounds.

We visited a pearl factory, silk mill, jade factory and enamel furnace. We enjoyed an optional excursion to the Peking Opera, to watch performers singing soprano – it was certainly an experience. We also went on a rickshaw ride in Beijing, which was really fun, and visited one of the city’s original houses which gave a glimpse of what home life was like before the revolution. The Shanghai nightscape cruise on the last night was a lovely way to finish the tour. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime!

If you would like to find out more about our Highlights of China and Yangtze Cruise tour, or any other destination in our range of holidays, please feel free to contact me for help or advice.

Happy travelling!



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