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Guest Blog – Independent Reviews

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On our website, you can read reviews of our holidays collected by an independent reviews company, Reevoo. In this Guest Blog, Edwin from Revoo explains why this independence matters when you are choosing your next break.

If you’ve ever stared blankly at an especially dense restaurant menu, paralysed by the number of options, you’re not alone. More choices makes choosing harder – and it seems like we’re given nothing but choices these days. Previously, your parents probably had a tour company that they always used, or would pick one based on advice from a neighbour or friend.

The modern tour booking process has become an exhausting effort to digest all of the information available online. That’s the modern problem – how on earth do you choose?

In an ideal world, the real and honest opinions of people who went on these tours and booked with these tour companies would be readily available to guide you. Unfortunately, in the real world – that is, the real internet world – these holidaymakers’ opinions are often mixed together with fake reviews or testimonials. The fake positive reviews are written by the businesses themselves, and some even pay agencies or freelancers to write them in bulk. The fake negative reviews are written by their competitors. It’s illegal, but it happens. Sadly, news stories about fake reviews on TripAdvisor are a regular occurrence.

I work for independent reviews company Reevoo and we hate fake reviews. In fact, they are our raison d’être. Nine years ago, one of our founders was looking for a camera on Amazon, but didn’t feel as though he could trust the reviews there: “There has to be a better way, because these reviews are exactly what I should trust most on this page, more than the manufacturer’s blurb.”

With his co-founders he came up with a method of collecting and displaying reviews on the brand’s behalf through a third party. With an impartial moderator, only people who have actually bought the product or service are allowed to write a review. We still do it that way today for all of our clients, including Newmarket Holidays.

The company could collect and publish their own reviews, but with fake reviews out there, you might not trust them. They could show reviews that look like the ones on TripAdvisor, but you might not trust them either (especially when you’ve just read a BBC news article about fake reviews on TripAdvisor).

Newmarket Holidays understands that, just as a ‘Norton Certified’ trustmark indicates that a third party has vouched for the security of the payment on a website, showing a Reevoo trustmark indicates that there are no fake reviews on The company understands how important trust is to you.

There is actually more going on out there than just fake reviews. All reviews could be real, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t misleading you.

Imagine a company that shows real reviews but removes all the bad ones, or edits the content to remove negative comments. Unfortunately, such deception is rarely talked about in the press, but I dread to think how often this happens – our anecdotal evidence suggests it’s probably more than you think. How often are innocent consumers misled, convinced into buying something that they wouldn’t have if they had known the whole truth?

The whole truth is what Newmarket wanted when it chose to work with Reevoo. Transparency is important to both of us – because it’s important to you, the consumer. Think about how confident the company must be to display the negative experiences that some people may have had for all to see. It’s not about hiding these stories – it’s about acknowledging that things can go wrong, and learning from it in order to make things better next time around. Better services will get better reviews, which will help people make better decisions.

One thought on “Guest Blog – Independent Reviews

  1. Myself and hubby have just returned from “Best of Canada” Tour with Newmarket Holidays. A lot of travelling involved but so much to see and do and all in the most unexpected weather for the season, sunshine and temperatures of 60-70F. The tour guide, Anke, on the west side was keen to point out anything of interest including the history and geology of the terrain. She was extremely knowledgeable although sometimes a little difficult to follow as English was not her first language however this did not impede our enjoyment of the commentary. We saw such diverse scenery from snow capped mountains, glaciers and ice fields to plains and prairies and all in T-shirts, shorts and the occasional sweater. The coach journey was comfortable and we felt at ease with our driver Jay from Brewster Travel. The east side was a city tour and our tour manager Alan was less informative unless prompted by our coach driver Iona from Pacific Western coaches. The optional guided tour in Quebec (initially on the coach then on foot) with Eric was well worth taking up as he was born and raised within the old part of town and previously worked in the fire and safety department in the city. He was informative and amusing with his commentary – certainly one optional not to miss. Another optional we took was the breakfast at “Chez Dany” maple syrup farm which we enjoyed much more than we anticipated. All the hotels in both the east and the west were well located and had everything such as tea/coffee, fridges, hairdryer, iron and board, alarm clocks and toiletries. Some had restaurants which we found to be well priced and the food very good. The adding of taxes and gratuities is a bit of a pain as prices appear reasonable until these are added but this is the way of life in Canada. We did however find everyone to be very friendly and helpful. As for the flights these were with Air Transat which were OK but there was little room in the aisles and you were constantly bumped into by people and trolleys passing. There was however reasonable room for bags and legs once in your seat. A meal and a snack were available on both the outward and return journey including tea, coffee, soft drinks and one glass of wine however beer and other alcohol had to be paid for as did head sets for the in flight entertainment and only credit cards were accepted as payment – no cash. Some passengers did have their own earphones that were compatible with the in flight system. All in all an excellent holiday and good company from fellow passengers – 53 in total. Would certainly consider other Newmarket Holidays – once we have saved up again!!

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