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If you are considering a family holiday this year which will appeal to both young and old alike, then why not consider a trip to Disneyland Paris with Newmarket Holidays. With Newmarket Holidays, you can explore a world of magic and make believe which the parents will love as much as the children. Disneyland Paris has several different parks, all full of excitement and adventure.

Main Street, USA. Main Street takes you back to the 1900s and you can relive a time when Walt Disney was a boy. Disneyland Railroad transports you around the park and onto your next adventure. Enjoy a trip on a house drawn streetcar pulled by Percheron horses and learn more about some of the 20th century’s greatest creations in the Discovery Arcade.

Fantasyland. Fantasyland is the place where you will see the fairy tales and stories that inspired Disney’s animated films to come to life. This park consists of ‘It’s a Small World’ where you can take a musical tour of the world, ‘Peter Pan’s Flight’ where you can journey to Neverland, ‘Alice’s Curious Labyrinth’ where you can follow Alice into Wonderland, ‘Sleeping Beauty’s Castle’ where you can search for your Prince Charming, ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups’ where you can make yourself dizzy on the giant cups and saucers, ‘Dumbo the Flying Elephant’ where you can fly around the park with your favourite elephant and ‘Les Voyages de Pinocchio’ where you can see Pinocchio’s magical show.

Frontierland. Frontierland lets you explore the legends of the Wild West. Ride the fastest train west of the Mississippi at Big Thunder Mountain, visit Phantom Manor to see the spookiest wedding of all and ride the Thunder Mesa Riverboat and see the sights of the frontier.

Adventureland. Adventureland brings you a world of excitement and thrills. Find yourself in a runaway wagon speeding through ancient ruins on ‘Indiana Jones and The Temple of Peril’ and take a ride with the meanest pirates on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. For younger shipmates, ‘Pirates Beach’ is a playground area for younger children.

Family Fun

Buzz Lightyear!

Discoveryland. Discoveryland explores the future including space and the universe. Fight the evil Zurg in your very own spacecruiser in ‘Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast’, continue your mission in ‘Space Mountain: Mission 2’ and set off for an intergalactic adventure onboard the Starspeeder 3000 spaceship in ‘Star Tours’.

With all this, plus bars and restaurants, there will be something that appeals to everyone. The whole family can enjoy the trip together. Parents can enjoy the vast selection of food and drink available at the numerous bars and restaurants, older children can enjoy thrilling rides such as ‘Indiana Jones and The Temple of Peril’ and younger children can enjoy activities such as ‘Pirates Beach’. This holiday will be one you will never forget.

For holiday ideas, more information or if you would like to book a holiday today, please visit Newmarket Holidays.

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