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Leaping out of the Classroom and Into Real Life: The Study Abroad Experience

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As skilled as the professionals in the education industry are, there’s absolutely no substitute for getting out of the classroom and learning about something first hand. That’s why the study abroad phenomena has proven to be such a success story.

When you get the experience of study whilst on holiday, the lesson that you are learning first hand is really brought home by the history and presence of the place you’re in. You want your students to learn the finer points of Spanish culture? Why not take them to a bull fight in the heart of Madrid? You want to hammer home the horror of the Holocaust; walk your students through the infamous ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ gates of Auschwitz. You want your students to experience the beauty of the writings of the romantics? Whisk them away to the shores of Lake Geneva so they can experience the hauntingly beautiful landscape that inspired Frankenstein itself.

Are you beginning to see it?  If you whisk your students off to foreign lands you are enriching their minds and broadening their horizons. You can change lives. However, with so many study abroad schemes out there, you might have trouble working your way through those providers who charge extortionate prices and ultimately do not have your best interests at heart.

If this is you, desperate to widen new minds but bogged down in the confusion of all the red tape, then why not try new study experiences with Newmarket Holidays. Newmarket Holidays are the conscientious Holiday facilitator who put their customers first. Looking to cater to every single customer, Newmarket Holidays offer varying holiday options including air holidays and breaks, coach and rail breaks, family vacations and many others. Newmarket Holidays want to cater to everyone, offering everything from bespoke luxury vacations to the quick weekend getaway for busy professionals to family friendly breaks for parents on a budget.

With Newmarket Holidays the phrase ‘location, location, location’ is more than just a phrase, it’s a philosophy and the range of destinations available to the consumer smart enough to take advantage of their bespoke service includes everything from classic historical metropolitan cities to exotic far away destinations such as China, India and Hong Kong, to name a few.

It’s this amazing work ethic and range of activities and destinations that makes the Newmarket Holidays study abroad experience into the stellar learning opportunity that will change the face of your students’ lives. For stretched school budget friendly prices you can visit such monumental architectural achievements as the Sacre Coeur and the Gaudi master pieces of Barcelona. The best part is that the service is flexible and versatile. You can arrange a trip due to study level, year group, subject and destination, to make sure the students who will get the most out of the experience get the chance to actually experience it. They also provide a truly excellent teacher support guide that takes you through the trials and tribulations of looking after a group of curious students away from home. Trust us; it’ll be your lifeline!

At the end of the day when taking a group of students away from home to visit foreign lands, yes you have to be careful, even at university level, you have to be responsible and know everything necessary to ensure a safe, innovative learning experience. However, when signing up with Newmarket Holidays, you are getting a holiday provider who cares just as much as you do about giving students the best learning experience they can possibly get! Let them help lift the burden!

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